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Wireless Driveway Alarms


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Driveway alarms are being used more and more with home owners and small businesses to alert you that visitors or un-expected people have arrived. It can be very useful to know when visitors or deliveries are arriving as well as having a property perimeter entry alert system. Driveway alarms may be connected to security systems, automation panels and telephone dialers. They may also be used to turn on outside lights to deter unwelcome visitors and for lighting the way for your arrival home.

Wireless Driveway Alarms are very popular with the introduction of reliable, longer range wireless driveway alarm transmitters. The receiver, which creates the chime sound, is usually placed in a central location of the home or business. It will "chime" to alert you of approaching people or cars, like an automatic entrance alert or door bell. A weatherproof transmitter is mounted on a tree or post beside the driveway. These transmitters may be equiped with an infra red sensor which detect people and cars, or a metal detection probe sensor which only senses vehicles, cars or trucks. The Infrared systems will detect movement up to about 60 feet in front of the sensor. The probe metal detection sensor systems detect a car within approx. 8' on either side of the probe. Wild animals, pets, people, and wind do not trigger most vehicle probe sensor driveway alarms.

Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarms are capable of sending their wireless signals up to four miles line of sight! Use a long range wireless driveway alarms to monitor remote locations with the option of different sensors at each location. These wireless long range systems can be used to monitor for intruders on foot or in vehicles. The long range portable receiver allows you stay mobile while monitoring multiple remote locations! perfect for farms, ranches, industrial areas, parks, game reserves, etc. Each wireless driveway sensor can be programmed to send a unique chime to the handheld or basestation receiver so you know which entry has activity (vehicles or people) passing by the sensor.

Infrared Wireless Driveway Alarms work by detecting moving heat and are perfect for locations where you wish to know when people as well as vehicles are entering. They are NOT motion detectors and will not pick up objects which are the same temperature as the background. Mount these sensors on trees or posts at approximately the same height as a car engine. Infrared driveway alarms will notify you of people and/or vehicles and sometimes larger animals passing your driveway infrared sensor.

Vehicle Sensing Wireless Driveway Alarms all use magnetic, metal sensing probes to detect moving metal. The magnetic sensing probes can be buried next to (beside the driveway), or just placed near the area you wish to monitor. With metal sensing probes you will never pick up large animals, people etc. and will only receive an alarm when a large metal object such as a vehicle moves nearby. Never have a false alarm with our probe driveway sensors! They only detect moving metal so you will never receiver a false alarm from pets, deer etc.

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